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Diwan Mishafi with Quran Glossary

Award-winning calligraphic typeface by Diwan Software Ltd.

Mishafi contains more than three thousand shapes, making it possible for the first time to compose proper Quranic calligraphy with all their shapes, markings and recitation symbols. It is also most suitable to compose traditional text of Hadith and commentary texts in respectable form. Both classic and modern Arabic poetry can be presented by it in clear and elegant formats. See the Mishafi Manual for more details.


Diwan Mishafi Font by Hameed Al-Saadi

Diwan Mishafi Font is characterized by it's calligraphic nature (i.e., it follows the basic rules of classical Arabic calligraphy). It differs from many Naskh fonts that are being commonly used in PC's, that are basically, printing fonts.

With such specialty, Mishafi font thus always retains both the beautiful shape and the calligraphic rules even in cases when printed in larger sizes. In addition, it provides many choices, thus enables the user to write any word in a variety of shapes and hence offers flexibility to the artistic talent of the user. Therefore, the user of the font is expected to have some knowledge about Naskh calligraphy, or at least should be aware of it.

Mishafi contains characters for Arabic, Persian and Kurdish languages. Besides this, it contains the symbols and shapes that are necessary for printing the holy Quran and hence make it qualified for any technically high quality application.

Mishafi is available as part of al-Nashir al-Sahafi Yaqout on Windows.


Curriculum Vitae of Hameed Al-Saadi (the calligrapher):

Hameed Abdul-Hussain Salih Al-Saadi.
Born in Baghdad, Rasheed Street, Imam Taha Quarter, 1955.
Graduated from the Institute of Arts and Folklore Crafts 1972.
Studied calligraphy under the guidance of Grandmaster Hashim Mohammed Al-Baghdadi 1973.
Studied calligraphy under the guidance of Master Mehdi Al-Juburi 1973.
Awarded a certificate of Arabic calligraphy with a high grade by Grandmaster of calligraphers Hamid Al-Amedi in Turkey 1977.v Awarded a certificate of Arabic calligraphy by Master Mehdi Al-Juburi 1978.




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