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Ana Muhtarif Al Khat: Now called CalliPro محترف الخط

2018 - Diwan's popular application for creating beautiful Arabic calligraphic designs comes now with an English name, optional English menus and much more.

Ana Muhtarif Al Khat: Now supports Messages on iOS 10

2017 - Diwan's popular application for sending beautiful Arabic calligraphic designs is now also available as iMessage App.

Ana Muhtarif Al Khat: New application by Diwan

2016 - Ana Muhtarif Al Khat: New application by Diwan for creating beautiful Arabic calligraphic designs with unique text shaping capabilities.

Yaqout for Windows without Dongle

2015 - al-Nashir al-Sahafi Yaqout for Windows, one of the most powerful publishing programs ever created, is now available without Dongle.

Ana Khattat: new version & milestone

2015 - With more than 350,000 downloads the latest version of Ana Khattat comes with additional fonts and features for iOS and Android.

Ana Khattat: Android & iOS version for Tablets & Smart Phones

2015 - Ana Kahttat is available as a free version for the iPad and iPhone on the Apple App Store and for Android Tablets and Smart Phones on the Google Play Store.

Diwan's Arabic fonts - Special Offer (expired)

2015 (Offer expired) - 12 of Diwan's high quality Arabic typefaces now available for the price of 9. That's a 25% discount on the normal price of $200 per font.

Ana Khattat: New Facebook application by Diwan

2014 - Diwan has released "Ana Khattat", an app that allows users to write messages using advanced Arabic typographic fonts and share their designs within Facebook.

Diwan’s Oannïs 8 e-Book Reader

2014 - Diwan’sOannïs 8 e-Book Reader is now available at the Microsoft App Store.

Diwan's Arabic fonts on

2013 - Original high quality Arabic typefaces from Diwan now available as standalone fonts at

Electronic Education using Oannis at the Dubai Police Academy

2013 - In 2012 Diwan signed the contract with Police Academy to implement the Electronic Education project to establish and operate the Interactive Classroom using Diwan's software Oannis.

Ready,Set,Go! for Mac OS X and Windows

2012 - Ready,Set,Go! 7 for Mac OS X is NOT compatible with Mac OS X version 10.7 or higher but Ready,Set,Go! Ruby for Windows is compatible with Windows 8.

Successful Deployment of Oannis in Oman

2011 - Diwan successfully completed the electronic school project in cooperation with the Oman Ministry of Education.


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